What is a Modular Synthesizer? Let’s Dial Up Some Noise!

What Is a Modular Synthesizer?

You’ve seen iconic figures in electronic music such as rock legend Kieth Emerson or German film score composer Hans Zimmer surrounded by great walls of modular synthesizer panels with cables criss-crossing in every direction. You’ve heard Wendy Carlos’ early Moog synth on Switched On Bach. So, just what is a modular synthesizer? In The Beginning … Read more

What is an Analog Synthesizer? – It’s Fat, It’s Warm…

We keep hearing and reading about the comeback of “Analog” audio gear nowadays. Vinyl records, crazy high prices for vintage stereo, musical, and recording gear. That fat warm sound… So just what is an analog synthesizer you ask? Let us get a quick overview starting with… What is Analog? “Analog” as an adjective is defined … Read more