What is a Modular Synthesizer? Let’s Dial Up Some Noise!

You’ve seen iconic figures in electronic music such as rock legend Kieth Emerson or German film score composer Hans Zimmer surrounded by great walls of modular synthesizer panels with cables criss-crossing in every direction. You’ve heard Wendy Carlos’ early Moog synth on Switched On Bach. So, just what is a modular synthesizer? In The Beginning There was the… Read More »

How To Wind Your Own Toroidal Audio Inductors

Greetings synth and audio folks! Here’s a cool little technique I’ve worked out for winding my own toroidal custom audio inductors for applications such as formant filter banks or graphic equalizers. I did these for my own clone of the Moog 914 fixed filter bank. Materials Needed To get started, you’ll need the following: A suitable toroid core.… Read More »